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Game Title: Ivan vs Mutants: Chilled edition



  An interesting story is Ivan, who retired from the Special Forces. There was a story somewhere in Siberia.
Maybe he has a lot of miracle potion, and he was attacked by the protein, it is also possible that he was attacked by aliens, who revived the snow, which was mixed with twigs and stones and turned scary monsters like snowmen made ??of snow, twigs, stones.
In general you need to kill all this wickedness, that she would not capture the world.
Here's a super hero Ivan from Russia :).

The game looks at the height, type of isometry.
Many types of weapons.
Until level 10 you can get by with a gun, to be a real hardcore.

Game Instructions:

  Minimum Adobe Flash Player 10.2

Game in the style of defense.
There are a Number of levels and at every level of a Number of waves.
You need to kill all the monsters and go to the cross marked on the map.
Unforgettable to buy new weapons and improve the old.
Play Flash Game: "untitled" Free

Play Flash Game: "untitled" Free


  Movement: Arrow keys, WASD, ZSQD.
Aim: Mouse.
Fire: Left Click Mouse, Ctrl, Numpad0.
Pistol shot: E, Delete.
Jump: Spacebar.
Change weapon: Spacebar or Shift.
- Use mouse to highlight needed weapon.
- It will be selected after you release the button mouse).

Shortcut keys:
1: Pistol.
2: Shootgun.
3: Autogun.
4: Mechinegun.
5: Grenade.
6: Cryogrenade.
7: Bazooka.
8: Cryogun.
G, END: Throw grenade.
H, Home, Enter: Medkit.
E, Delete: Pistol shot.


  BONUS! 10000 coins on FunnyMonster.Net ONLY!
- Upgrade pistol. (it will shoot faster. You can save ammo of other weapons).
- Buy "Loot". (from monsters drops more gifts).
- Buy "Armor".
- The most feared and powerful monsters to freeze up close and go for a break or a quick switch weapons and shoot them, that would break the ice.
- Buy a first aid kit and make it to upgrade.
Energy line is:
* Red = very little energy.
* Green = 100 %.
* Blue = 200 %.
- When you upgrade weapons increases the speed, power and number of bullets.
- When upgrading med kit expands on the number of energy recharged up to 200 percent (increases up to the blue line of energy).
- To look at all levels on the map it is possible moving only on the passable levels.
- Fences can be broken grenades and rockets.
- Closer to the 10th level modernize speed of the character, differently it will be heavy to you to turn aside from monsters letting out rockets.

  Primary Category: Shooter  
  Game Dimensions: 640 x 480  
  File size: 12.6 mb  
  Submitted: 09-04-2012  
  Updates: v.1.01  
  Tags: Shooter, defense wave, action, flash game, war, snowman, winter, siberia, aliens, ufo, snow, russia, isoland, isometric, crimsoland, alien shooter 1-2, rpg.  

  Developed By: 3D4udovishe  
  Plugin: Flash game.  
  Popularity Score: 89 out of 100  
  Vote: 100  
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