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Game Title: OutZone



  OutZone is an awesome shoot them up.
As a one-man army, your task is simple: destroy everything in your way!
Enjoy this great game!

Game Instructions:

  Click on the game or press "Spacebar" then "Enter" to start playing.
The goal is simple, kill most of enemies possible without dying.
You can die by enemy fire, or by falling in a hole or losing all your energy if you don't take the energy supply there is on the road (the energy is constantly decreasing as the time running out!!!).

Collect weapon upgrades (big flashing letters) to improve your weapons.

How to play:
Arrow keys: Move the character.
X: Shoot with the primary weapon.
C: Use the special attack which will cause huge explosions.
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  Move: Arrows key.
Fire: X.
Super Weapon: C.


There is 2 mains weapons in the game:
* A laser gun which fires at high rate but you can only shoot in one direction at a time.
* A three way plasma gun which fires in 3 directions at the same time providing a good covering of an area.

You can also pick different power ups and super bonus:
* Super Burner: a directional, limited range super power weapon. Very destructive, but forces the player to move close to the enemies. It is thus risky to use against end-of level bosses.
* Super Ball: a terrific weapon! A destructive energy ball circles around the player, then rushes up the top of the screen, unaffected by walls. Your best choice in any situation!
* Energy Extend: extend the energy bar.
* Shield: protect the player from enemy fire.
* Speed UP: increase the speed of the player.
* 1UP: an additional life.
  Primary Category: Shooter  
  Game Dimensions: 480 x 640  
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  Submitted: 06-08-2011  
  Updates: v.1.0  
  Tags: Action, Shooter, Multidirectional, Arcade, Shooting, RetroGame, flash game.  

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Ported from original game from Toaplan (c)1990.
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