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Game Title: Baseball Mayhem



  You have to hit maximum targets for best score.
Use your arrow keys to decide the direction you hit.
How far you hit will be decided by your timing of the shot.
Early hits can take the ball faster, while later hits wont carry the ball far enough.
Nine misses or miss too manu targets, its game over!

Game Instructions:

  Play baseball.  
Play Flash Game: "Baseball Mayhem" Free


  Hit Straight shot: Up arrow key.
Hit to left: Left arrow key.
Hit to right: Right arrow key.
Pitch: SpaceBar.


  Primary Category: Sports  
  Game Dimensions: 550 x 400  
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  Submitted: 25-12-2011  
  Updates: v.1.0  
  Tags: Sport game, play baseball, baseball.  

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