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Game Title: FMX Team



  The masters of the bike games.
In FMX Team you have a team of 3 unique bikers.
Each biker can perform different stunts and can even learn new stunts as they gain experience.
To complete each level you have to reach the finish line within 2 minutes and you'll have to earn the minimum required qualification points set for each level.
Have fun!

Game Instructions:

  Try to make it through 15 levels of freestyle motocross!
You have a team of 3 unicue bikers.
Each biker will gain experience for every stun he performs.
When a biker has enough experience he will learn a new stunt.
Try to unlock all the stunts and score maximum points!
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  Up: move forward.
Left/Right: lean biker's body.
Space: pause.
1,2,3,4,5: perform stunt.


  Primary Category: Racing  
  Game Dimensions: 650 x 500  
  File size: 4.7 mb  
  Submitted: 06-08-2011  
  Updates: v.1.0  
  Tags: Driven, Sports, Racing, BMX sport, BMX game, flash game, bicicle, moto, bike games, bike, stunts, trick, motocross, freestyle.  

  Developed By: iriysoft  
  Sponsor: Gamenode  
  Plugin: Flash game  
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