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Game Title: Zombies In Your Backyard



  In this game you're going to shoot zombies, buy new weapons, ammo and health and hopefully survive 10 days of the zombie apocalypse until the rescue team arrives.
Earn medals and try to stay alive!

Game Instructions:

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  Jump / Doublejump: W.
Walk: A, D.
Aiming: Mouse.
Shoot: Left Click Mouse.
Reload: R.
Change weapon: 1,2,3,4,5,... or Q/E.


  Primary Category: Shooter  
  Game Dimensions: 640 x 480  
  File size: 3.3 mb  
  Submitted: 04-01-2012  
  Updates: v.1.0  
  Tags: Action, Shooting game, Fixed, defend, last stand, flash zombie game, pixels game.  

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  Sponsor: NewGrounds  
  Plugin: Flash game  
  Popularity Score: 00 out of 000  
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  Fixes, Changes and Upgrades:  
  Fixed the medal-popup-problem.
MENU-button is now MAINMENU-button and asks if you REALLY want to leave and to lose all your process!
You can now switch weapons by pressing 'Q' and 'E'!
"How to pause" now explained ingame!
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