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Game Title: Defender



  Guard your millitary base of operations with your turrets that are armed with state-of-the-art high-impact piercing shells designed to take down enemy bombs.  

Game Instructions:

  Player One (Left) Aim Left - "A" Aim Right - "S" Fire Missile - "D" Show Health - "W" Player Two (Right) Aim Left - Left Arrow Aim Right - Down Arrow Fire Missile - Right Arrow Show Health - Up Arrow Base Show Health - Space Bar  
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  Player One (Left):
Aim Left, Right: A, S.
Fire Missile: D.
Show Health: W.
Player Two (Right):
Aim Left, Right: Arrow keys Left, Down.
Fire Missile: Up Arrow.
Show Health: Arrow right.
Base Show Health: SpaceBar.


  Primary Category: Shooting  
  Game Dimensions: 550 x 400  
  File size: 0.0 mb  
  Submitted: 10-06-2011  
  Updates: v.1.0  
  Tags: Action, Defence, 1 Player, 2 Player, Shooting, Arcade, Defend, Shoot, Single, Two, Multi, multiplayer, defense, defence, defender  

  Developed By: ReindeerGames.Ca  
  Sponsor: ThunderHeadArcade  
  Plugin: Flash game  
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