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Game Title: Alien Exterminator



  you have been sent to a remote planet to exterminate the local populace (the poor aliens). buy big guns, hire your henchman and go trigger happy.  

Game Instructions:

  clear the hotspots of enemy presence. buy your guns and free the world from the alien monsters.  
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  1: Backup Weapon.
2: Sidearm.
3: Longarm.
4: Heavy Weapon.
Fire: Left Mouse.
Movement: W,A,S,D.


  Primary Category: Shooting  
  Game Dimensions: 600 x 400  
  File size: 0.0 mb  
  Submitted: 10-06-2011  
  Updates: v.1.0  
  Tags: Action, defence, strategy, alien, big guns, exterminate, pest control, spaceman, ufo  

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  Sponsor: EvilSpaceChicken  
  Plugin: Flash game  
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