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Game Title: Stick War



  Take control of any unit as you command your vast stick figure army!  

Game Instructions:

  Defeat the other lands and learn their ways of fighting, unlocking more battle units.
In each round, defeat the enemies statue, or survive their attack.
After each round, you get 2 upgrade points to build your strengths.
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  WASD or Arrows: Move.
Mouse: Aim and Fire (Archidon).
Spacebar: Attack (Swordwrath, Spearton, Giant, Magikill).
- Stun (Magikill).
- Mine Gold (Miner).
Q: Block (Swordwrath, Spearton).
F: Throw Spear (Spearton).
- Summon Minions (Magikill).


  Primary Category: Strategy  
  Game Dimensions: 720 x 480  
  File size: 6.7 mb  
  Submitted: 02-09-2011  
  Updates: v.1.3  
  Tags: Strategy, Real-time, RTS, Defence, Defense, Action, Fighting, Fantast, Tower Defense, TD flash game, Tower defence flash game.  

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