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Game Title: Back2Back



  Back2Back is an arcade strategy game, which delivers a full range of action experience, fusing a classic defense gameplay with action based tactics.
Lead a squad of space marines through many unique levels and survive the massive attacks of bloodthirsty robot hordes to escape the hell of abandoned planet.

Game Instructions:

  Mouse controls everything.
Use "Escape" key to close Upgrade screen or deselect unit.
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  Move: Arrows key.
Fire: Left Click Mouse.
Jump: Spacebar.


  - You can move units not only by clicking the desired square but just the leading path.
- Replay feature is a great way to farm orbs and get upgrades then.
- Different unit types are great against different enemies.
- Flamerat does x2 damage against fast moving targets.
- Stinger does x3 damage against flyers.
- Sniper is great against healers.
- Mortar is great against huge robots.
- P.S. We are using MochiCoins to allow players save, load across the Web. All goods are optional and the game is playable well without them of course.
  Primary Category: Tower Defense  
  Game Dimensions: 640 x 480  
  File size: 10.1 mb  
  Submitted: 04-01-2012  
  Updates: v.1.0.1478  
  Tags: Tower Defense, Free Games Online, Strategy Games, Science Fiction, Army, Defence.  

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