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Game Title: ZomBlast



  Zombies and grenades.
Kill all zombies!
No mercy.

Game Instructions:

  Drag and drop grenades, click to explode.
MOUSE wheel or ARROW KEYS to rotate the frag direction.
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  Rotate grenades: Arrows key.
Drag and drop: Left Click Mouse.
Click to explode: Left Click Mouse.
Restart Level: R.


  Stop violence against Zombies.
Don't play this game!
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  Game Dimensions: 640 x 480  
  File size: 5.13 mb  
  Submitted: 04-01-2012  
  Updates: v.1.06  
  Tags: Puzzles, physics, zombie game.  

  Developed By: BigDino  
  Sponsor: BigDino  
  Plugin: Flash game  
  Popularity Score: 00 out of 000  
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